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Activity Overview

Participants learn about and practise aim and accuracy as they send an object to targets on a wall.

  • Senior (Ages 16-18)


  • Gymnasium

Materials and Equipment

  • 1 soft-skinned ball per group
  • 4 pieces of tape per group
  • 1 pylon per group


Inspect the activity area and eliminate potential hazards. Check that the activity surface provides safe traction. Provide a safe distance between activities.

Activity Information

Activity Set-up

  • Divide participants into pairs.
  • Each pair finds space on a wall in the activity area.
  • Each participant within the pair places two pieces of tape on the wall at various heights and level of challenge.
  • Pairs set up a throwing line using a pylon at a distance determined by the participants for optimal challenge.

Activity Instructions

  • Participants take turns throwing the ball at the pieces of tape until both partners have hit all four targets.
  • Participant then switch the location of their targets to alter the challenge.
  • The leader asks open-ended questions to help participants refine their movement strategies and tactical solutions during the activity. Examples include: When the target is really high on the wall, what kind of throw will help you be successful at hitting the target? When the target is really low, what kind of throw will help you be successful at hitting the target? Describe how you would control the force of your throw when trying to hit the target at the wall.


To maximize the challenge and the fun, participants could identify their own ways to increase or decrease the challenge.

To decrease the challenge, participants could:

  • Set the throwing line closer to the targets.
  • Use a different object that is easier to throw (e.g., beach ball, bean bag).
  • Have fewer targets.
  • Work together with their partner to hit all four targets.

To increase the challenge, participants could:

  • Use smaller pieces of tape to make smaller targets.
  • Use smaller balls (e.g., whiffle ball, tennis ball).
  • Use different throwing objects that are more difficult to send with accuracy (e.g., agility ball, rubber chicken).
  • Stand farther away from the targets.
  • Start over at the first target if one participant misses a target.

Pause for Learning

Throughout the activity, consider highlighting the following skills, concepts, and strategies for effectively throwing an object toward a target. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and further learning opportunities may arise during the task.

Movement Skills and Concepts

  • Manipulation skills and effort awareness: applying a controlled force when sending an object to a designated target (e.g., controlling the force of the swing when sending the ball to targets at various heights and/or distances)
  • Body awareness: understanding the impact of the distance from the target and moving appropriate body parts in different ways when throwing an object with accuracy

Movement Strategies

  • Applying appropriate skills to be proficient when throwing an object toward a target (e.g., using an overhand throw to hit a target that is high up on the wall)

Living Skills

Personal Skills

  • Recognizing your own strengths and areas that need improvement (e.g. practising following through with your arm to increase accuracy)

Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

  • Reflecting on the game and understanding what could have been done differently to improve the chances of success when sending an object to different targets on the wall